Unhealthy Eating Habits

The knowledge that eating healthy does not necessarily translate into good eating habits, and much of it is due to the effort it takes to make a healthy meal. Eating out at many restaurants will not help because most of them serve larger portions than recommended for many of their customers. Taste might seem to be a trigger, but many people with weight issues find that the ease of making something is often the reason they choose to eat it. This gives processed foods that are high in calories and fat an opportunity to be consumed on a regular basis.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and companies that create breakfast food are interested in gaining a large market share. Healthier items do not sell quite as well as something that it sweet, tasty and fast to make. Based on this type of model, there is little mystery to fathom when it comes to unhealthy eating habits for breakfast. Most people want something they can open or heat up quickly, and they want to be able to take it with them on the way to work.

Eating the midday meal is often a time when few people have the luxury of relaxing, and many of them eat on the go as they run errands. Anything that is quick or portable will be considered before something healthy, so high calorie items are often easier to eat than their low calorie counterparts. If it is easy to open, requires only one hand to eat and can be consumed while walking, it is the perfect lunch for busy workers.

By the time most people arrive home for dinner, they are tired and stressed. Healthy eating habits are the last thing on their mind as they face the cares of home, children and getting ready for the next day. Even if they feed their children a healthy meal, they are just as likely to eat whatever is convenient.