A Combination of Strategies

For those who want to live a long and healthy life, losing the battle with excess weight is not to be considered. Their physician will tell them to lose it now, and those who have been falling behind in the march might believe they are running out of options. Rather than rushing headlong into the battle front with either diet or exercise, using a combination of strategies could be what will win their war. It might not always be easy, but giving it everything they have could bring them the victory they so badly need.

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is often touted as important, but it can lead to the start of calorie consumption. Adding fruit to a normal breakfast could be used to cut down portion size and keep calories low, so it is a good way to win a measure of peace at the beginning of the day. Combining it with a brisk walk after getting ready for the rest of the day will help the body burn calories for the next few hours. Combining exercise and food choices here is a good way to keep fit and trim.

Lunch can often be a meal where excess calories are consumed, and eating a boring salad every day is not going to win any awards. Trying soup instead might cut down calories, and it could leave some room for another brisk walk to help accelerate burning off calories for a few hours after lunch. Hitting the diet and exercise routine together can knock out weight before it is in place permanently.

Exercising in the late afternoon and early evening is good for burning calories, but it can also help remind the serious dieter that keeping their calorie count low for dinner is a must. Taking the time to microwave a few colorful vegetables after a workout could help keep their counts where they need them to win the war against excess weight.