Creating Realistic Expectations

It often takes years for people to get overweight and out of shape, yet many of them believe they can diet and exercise for only a few weeks before they see results. Once they fail to reach their goal, they may decide to quit. Part of the issue they are facing is that their goals are not within reach in a short time frame, so creating realistic expectations should be their first step in a healthier lifestyle. Rather than expecting to lose years of neglect in a few weeks, they should allow their body more time to make the adjustment.

Finally looking at what their lifestyle has done to their body can be an experience that opens a person’s eyes, but they need to understand it could take a major change to recreate the body they used to have. Some people will always be looking for the next fast diet, but they will generally find it creates more problems than it solves. Those who want a sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off will look for a solution that takes longer and works better.

Adjustments in lifestyle should be done in small increments to help them take hold, and those who have realistic expectations will often be successful. They might not drop five or six sizes in their clothes immediately, but they will usually feel better long before their shape is what they want. Seeking this type of sustainable change is what will keep them going until they reach their goals.

Setting out on the right path in the first place is often a good way to make it to a destination, and exercise and diet changes should be viewed in this manner. For those determined to lose weight by eating better and exercising, setting goals they will be able to reach is the path they need to choose.